ZA, Thz, DTK, Wasp, MaxDestruction, SewerSnake, Cassius/SFT,

Ripper, Gravity, IronAwe, Tsunami, MegaMouse, Eruption, Universal, SMD, KillerKarrot, Beast, Ziggy, Hydra,

Razer, Last Rites, TAN, Tiberius, Thor, Saint, Revolutionist, KanOpener, SharkBite, BigNipper, CulMerde, Storm, Torro,

Shorter List:

ZA, Thz, DTK, Wasp, Last Rites, Spanners2, MaxDestruction, SewerSnake, razer, TAN, Thor, Cassius/SFT/DragonStrike, ripper, IronAwe, Gravity, Killer Karrot, Tiberius, 16!!! Tsunami,

during 15

At the end had unseen house robot rebellion- Mr Psycho, Killalot and Shunt Vs Tombstone and Razer


Last Rites Vs TAN [OOTA]

Stinger (SewerSnake) Vs Storm II [OOTA- Stinger on top then Storm's lifting arm broke, got stuck on lifter then rammed OOTA]

Rematch of: Cassius Vs Stinger (SewerSnake) [Cassius self destructed])

DTK Vs Spanners [Flipped]

Max Destruction Vs Ripper [OOTA- dominated]

ZA Vs Wasp [OOTA- dominated]

IronAwe Vs Gravity [OOTA- IA on top initially, 3 good flips, then out manoeuvred and one big flip from Gravity OOTA]

Killer Karrot Vs Beta [KO 2mins- One flip from KK beta landed on wheels, pinned KK against wall, bent the arena wall and KO]

Razer Vs Thor [Pit]

Quarterfinals Edit

Razer V Tombstone [☀16 second KO- Tombstone spins up, Razer moves in then stops, trying to get round the back. Tombstone goes in for the kill, into the jaw and slaps the jaw spinning razor away. Tombstone chases and lands another big hit on the rear left wheel. Big bang, puff of smoke razor is out.

Gravity V Stinger [OOTA 59 sec, Stinger on top for most of the match. Gravity had 2 good flips but they were too far from the wall. Stinger had several good rams and one tossed gravity OOTA]

DTK V Ripper [OOTA 14 sec No contest, many flips, DTK bounced off the side once, then into the corner, then OOTA]

Beta V ZA [OOTA 1.24 Many hits from Beta, but lots of flips from ZA. ZA's flipper took a beating but showed no damage at all. Beta strong but not strong enough, bent the arena wall again but eventually OOTA]

Semifinals Edit

Tombstone V Stinger Stuck half OOTA 2.22

Ripper V ZA OOTA 45 very very very even


Ripper V Stinger OOTA 1.19, fight paused at 0.50