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Last Rites is a bar spinner built in 2012 for Robo Games.


As a newcomer to RGW12 Last Rites made it to the 3rd loosers round (of a possible 8). They were amongst the most sucessful newcomer robots. They were beaten by Raging Scotsman and reigning champion Wacker.

They fought in one of the most notable fights of RG and of '12 against veteron Wild Child . Wild Child was torn to pieces, with the disc, two sides and the top being removed. The innards were also separated from the baseplate, at which point the team tapped out. Team WildChild has said they will continue fighting, possibly with an evolution of Wild Child.



In RGW12 Last Rites had issues with the reliability of the drive and weapons motors.

RoboGames Winter1212Edit

Last Rites fought Raging Scotsman in the first round. The fight was close, by Raging Scotsman put Last Rites on it's side and it was counted out. 

In the first round of the loosers division they fought Wild Child. The fight was a spectacular victory for Last Rites as they destroyed Wild Child in 1.39. 

In the next fight they fought Meltdown. In 21 seconds they had caused serious damamge to Meltdown and knocked it OOTA. 

In the 3rd Looser's round (of a possible 8) they fought defending champion Wacker. Wacker damaged Last Rite's weapon so it wasn't working, and then knocked the drive out. 

Last Rites was considered for best newcomer award.