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CulMerde was a French robot which competed in 2 (citation) series of UK RW and 1 season of Battlebots (citation).

Their weapon was unconventional- a large petrol powered wheel, to provide extra pushing power when fired. It proved very sucessful, but unreliable.



Evolution Edit

Every defeat of CulMerde1 was due to a fire in the machine. The robot was beaten by Megabyte in the NewBlood Tournament, Pannic Attack in BB and BLAH in RW7. The damage from the fires was often repairable, but not without a lot of work. The same machine burnt 3 times before being replaced.

CulMerde Deux was built for RoboGames 2012 Winter Cup. This had a newer, CO2 cooled engine. It also had a wedge on the front. It reached ^&*^%$£