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Atomic was one of the most sucessful robots ever to not win a RW UK championship. They competed in every series of RW. (Always reaching the semifinals?)

Atomic is one of only two robots (the other being Killer Karrot) to have come second in RW and never to have come first.

Atomic won the first heat in the first series of RW.

Series 1Edit

They fought Kan Opener, Ewe and Infinity in the first found and progressed with Ewe. In the final they fought Ewe again and won. In the finals they fought Kronic and Merlin. Merlin were eliminated.

Atomic then fought and lost to Dantomkia in the grand final qualifier.

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In the 3rd place playoff they lost to Firestorm to come 4th overall in series 1.

Series 2Edit

Atomic was seeded 4th for series 2. In Heat C they fought Iron Awe 2.1, Hypnodisk and Kronic the Wedgehog. They beat Hypnodisk and Kronic the Wedgehog and met Iron Awe 2.1 again in the heat final. They beat Iron Awe 2.1 and progressed to the semi finals. 

In the first round of the semi finals they met Kronic-the-WedgeSow (another variant of Kronic). Atomic disposed of them by flipping them OOTA. 

In the Finals they met Typhoon and 2nd seed Dantomkia. Both Atomic and Dantomkia were immoblilsed by Typhoon at roughly the same time, but Atomic went in the pit.

In the 5th place playoff Atomic fought Tempest. Again there was controversy as Atomic was stuck on the arena floor flipper and counted out. However the descision stood and Atomic was awarded 6th place.

Origional Atomic in Series 2Edit

 In Heat G the Origional Atomic fought Ewe (8teh seed), Iron Awe 1 and War Hog. They won this fight and their second round fight to meet Dantomkia in the heat final. They lost in theheat final. 
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But, the producers needed an extra robot to make the numbers up, so a "wild card" was selected from the robots which had not won the heat finals, to be entered into Heat K. Origional Atomic was selected. Mute was a close second. 

In this heat they had more sucess, again making it to the heat final, beating T-Bone in the first round (progressing with Lil' Chompalot). They fought Lil' Chompalot again in the heat final and beat them. 

In the semi finals they met the 5th seed Ripper who flipped them OOTA.